About this site

Honey Badger Turf (HBT) is on a mission to provide information to help individuals to succeed in their financial journey. Are you a honey badger? I find myself very similar to a honey badger because of the following.


I am not interested in taking down a giant buffalo for my meals, and I am happy roaming around my turf to pick on anything I can practically tackle and find rewards for myself immediately. What this translates to in investing is not gambling on risky things in the hopes of hitting the jackpot. When I see my prey, usually the more minor things, I am relentless in pursuit. Honey badgers are one of the most fearless animals on the planet, and they do not fear getting stung by the bees while digging away their hives, and they do not fear the snake's venom if it is to become its dinner. My investment strategy has always been tackling small things and realising the rewards early with high probability.

Thick Skinned

The losses in your investments depict cobra bites, bee stings, attacks by clawed animals, and unbearable natural conditions. Yet the honey badger has built up its defences and mental toughness to withstand nearly any onslaught and emerge unscathed. You can achieve this by being extremely risk-averse to avoid risky investments and minimise leveraging.


One of the only wild animals that use tools, the honey badger boosts productivity and results by leveraging technology to achieve more. Always on the hunt for improved ways of winning, such as actively keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest news in the investment world, subscribing to useful blogs (such as this one 😀), and RSS feeds for keyword search results like "price crash".


The honey badger displays the grit, determination, and tenacity of a street fighter. In the world of investing, timing the market is virtually impossible. This means your investments will be beaten down at times, but you will take the hits with your guards up and wait for the right moment. You will continuously throw your jabs and cost average your positions until the right moment comes to your favour.


There's a time and place to be delicate and diplomatic. But in our day-to-day struggles, a little Honey Badger ferocity can go a long way. Most of us are not CEOs of successful start-up businesses but salary/wage workers. We work hard and invest hard with every paycheque we get for our future.

These are the characteristics required for an investor who wishes to follow the investment guidelines laid out on this website. There are many ways to take the low risk for low rewards with a high probability of success, and repeating this over many years will get you further than most other people who want to shoot for the stars.